A magical inner journey in Swedish nature

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Private retreat

Discover the gold within

Dear woman, you may again experience the potential you carry within you. First you may come home to yourself and feel the safety and (self) confidence that is there. Then we will look together at what themes you want to make a breakthrough. We will go deep and I will help you remember how to activate the keys to your own healing capacities. You learn to work with energy and you will experience how your own Higher Self, the Divine Source and nature all work together to give you the right insights and healing.

Being in contact with your essence

The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for all your other relationships. When you connect to your essence, real (unconditional) love, connection, joy and wisdom start to flow. We make the unconscious visible - and from a safe place, we make room for the unprocessed pieces in you, so they can transform.

Discover your mission

Your inner male and female energy may come together in a sacred dance - after which you also rediscover the magical child in yourself. Your passion and mission become more clear and your creativity and (undiscovered) gifts start to flow again. You experience life from a state of more ease and peacefulness and you dare to show yourself to the world with confidence.

I'm looking forward to guide you on your inner journey!

Wat kan je ervaren?

  • Discovering yourself on deeper layers
  • Coming out of your head and deeper into your body
  • Making a breakthrough on personal themes
  • Transforming old fears, trauma's, beliefs or patterns
  • A deeper connection in your relationships
  • More clarity about your mission
  • Integration of soul-parts

  • Having more contact with your creative and feminine essence
  • Learning to work with nature-energies and the elements

  • A deeper connection with your soul/Higher Self and the Divine Source & a better communication with it in your daily life

Seven-day journey

Investment: € 2250,- incl Vat

The program broadly includes:

The program is tailored as much as possible to your intention and needs. So sessions may look different in practice (an example is below), and can be combined with swimming in Swedish lake, nature hikes or fire ceremony. During our first session you can communicate your preferences, ór you allow yourself to be surprised!

  • Heart to heart welcome-session with tea, conversation & alignment/exercises for rest of the week. (+-60 min)

  • Creative session + personal alignment/meditation & discovering soulmission. (+- 90 min)

  • Healing-activation session on theme that comes up + working with elements and nature's energies. (+- 90 min)

  • Nature hike + exercises in nature (learn to communicate with nature, the 'field' and own intuition). (+- 90 min)

  • Intuitive healing-activation-coaching session on personal theme. (+- 90 min)

  • In between, plenty of free time to relax and take wonderful walks in or around the property (we live in the middle of the forest)

  • You make your own food in your caravan or in the retreat center. I will send you a menu from which you can choose a variety of recipes. I make sure all the ingredients and recipes are ready so you can prepare your food in a relax way during the retreat (according to your dietary needs).

  • I give you exercises and tools that you can do during your retreat (based on your preferences)


During the retreat you receive a notebook that you can use for your writing exercises ánd new insights (and this will be a lot!). You get also access to my online activation-meditation “Activation of the Diamond Body – Reclaim inner freedom". Besides that, you will use my Ipad during your retreat, so you can listen to the meditations and activations that I recorded for you (you can listen while you're relaxing in your hammock!)

The price includes:

  • 6 nights in caravan or in retreat-centre

  • 6x breakfast*

  • 6x dinner*

  • 5 x lunch*

  • Organic coffee & tea

  • Towels & bed linen

  • Use of natural shampoo, conditioner, douchegel

  • When you sleep in the caravan: use of toilet and shower in the sanitary building. When you sleep in the retreat-centre: toilet, shower and kitchen is available there.

* I will send you a form with different meals/menu's so you can choose what you want to eat. Ofcourse this will be attuned to your preferences and/or allergies. I make sure you have the ingredients and recipes at the start of the retreat. You can cook your own meals in your caravan kitchen or in the kitchen of the retreat-building. I buy as much as possible organic food.


Our location is 25 minutes below Växjö and lies between Hovmantorp and Lessebo. It’s in the countryside in the middle of the woods. If you book the retreat I will give you a more detailed explanation of how you get here.



I went to the Anneberg Center for a 7-day private retreat with the expectation of finding something new, I actually found myself back. Nature all around will provide the resources for your journey, whether it be physical or spiritual. Regardless of the moment of your life and the answers you are looking for, be sure that Demi will be more than your host, she will be your perfect terrestrial guide. A spiritual retreat is a beautiful parenthesis in life, a suspended moment to recharge, reset, restart…a life changing experience and a love gift to ourselves.

( 7-day retreat )

What a great investment in, and gift for, yourself when you book the private retreat with Demi. The space, tranquility and nature did a lot with me. Just take a break from your busy life and relax and recharge in Sweden's nature. During the 5 days of the program of the retreat, Demi takes the time to guide you during certain sessions. Guided meditations, intuitive walks, in-depth conversations or a creative session. Demi senses very well what is needed at that moment, and knows what you need in regards to certain themes. What I especially like about this retreat, and find powerful about Demi, is that it's not just a week where Demi does all the work and you just 'receive'. Usually after such a week you have all kinds of intentions, but it is impossible to keep it up at home. That is different with this retreat. Demi shows you that you can do a lot of things yourself. You can work with energy yourself, provide healing & apply the things learned during the week very practically in your daily life. Demi really empowers you during this week. I've been home for a while, but I already feel great changes in my energy and I can practically apply my insights in my daily life.

( 7-day retreat )

Immerse yourself in swedish nature

Practical & extra information

The entire retreat is 7 days. It includes one arrival day and one departure day as well (those days do not include an active program). So during 5 days we will work together (including one free day where you will get assignments to work on your own). On the arrival day you are free to arrive at whatever time suits you best (on this day only dinner is included). You can settle in quietly on that day and I will show you the surroundings and the terrain. On the departure day, you can have breakfast and I will take you to the train station at the best time for you (unless you are travelling by car).

You can travel by car, plane or train. If you go by plane, it's a good option to fly to Copenhagen. From there it is another 3 hours by train to our place (most of the times it's a direct connection). I'll pick you up from the trainstation.

Dates & sign up for the retreat

If you are interested or have any questions, you can fill in the contact form below and I will respond within a few days (always check your SPAM or unwanted mail!).
It is also possible to discuss with me by phone whether the retreat is suitable for you (and maybe you would also like to feel whether we are a match).

If you want to start with the retreat, we will plan a suitable date together.

Be aware: if you are planning a retreat in the autumn/winter, the content of the program may differ slightly due to the weather. This will then be communicated.

cancellation policy
You can cancel free of charge up to 21 days prior to the retreat. Up to seven days it costs €400. If you cancel within seven days (without valid reason), no refunds are possible. In case of unforeseen circumstances or illness, a new date will be scheduled.

Prices extra services

Optional Payment
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Nice fact

The idyllic retreat center with multiple sleeping quarters has been a former carpentry factory. Later it was transformed into a cafe, and now a building with 3 separate sleeping rooms and a large common room and kitchen. A wonderful place to stay and where various other activities, such as yoga, meditations and pizza nights can also be given.

More information about the center:

Are you ready for your inner journey?

The retreats are given in the south of Sweden (25 minutes below Växjö). Do you want to immerse yourself in Swedish nature for a few days while you receive new insights? Contact me!