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A good match is half the battle

To get something done as a person and as an entrepreneur, you often need a little help from others. That search for the right people is not always easy. Sometimes quite a task, right? A good match often yields a better result. And of course we all want that. That's why I think it's important that we know each other a little.

In turn, I like to work intuitively. Not strictly defined according to certain steps or fixed structures, but to pick up what is needed at that moment. So be flexible.

I try to empathize with your situation. Your wishes. Your needs. To get a complete picture. This in turn requires a little openness, trust and involvement in the process. As far as I am concerned, it is the key to a fruitful collaboration and the way to express your wishes properly. wat mij betreft dé sleutel tot een vruchtbare samenwerking en dé manier om jouw wensen goed tot uitdrukking te kunnen brengen.

What I work with


I build my websites in WordPress. This is the so-called content management system (or foundation) on which I build the website. Ideal for creating simple websites up to webshops with about 100 articles.
Woocommerce is a webshop application. If you want to sell products, this is what I use. Flexible and reasonably quick to set up.
I use the software program Adobe to edit photo material and/or illustrations (such as logos).
SEO with Yoast
SEO is an important part of your website to be found. I use Yoast to make your website visible on the internet.
Avada is the theme I work with. You can think of it as my toolbox. It is a popular theme with many possibilities.

The process

less is more · practical and intuïtive

The proces

Think of it as a creative co-creation. I think it is important that you also get to know your website a bit, so that you can also post texts and photos yourself and occasionally update it if necessary. Of course I can also relieve you of these tasks in a service package.

I will familiarize you with your brand new website and explain everything you need to know along the way. Depending on your experience with websites. Furthermore, you provide the input and I try to translate that into a suitable web design. We keep working until there is a beautiful and appealing product.

Do you have questions or want more information? Don't hesitate to contact me.


Dream it, believe it, build it.

My name is Sander Bodde and partner of Demi. Since 2021 we have been living in beautiful Sweden. There we are working to create a place where various activities (such as multi-day retreats, yoga & meditation, etc.) can be given. For more information you can visit the website of Demi take a look.

My role in the whole is more of a creative one: designing & renovating the company building (we did most of it ourselves); creating an organic vegetable garden and creating the websites. Coming up with something and then making it concrete is something I like to do.

Over the years I have built a number of websites. Initially for me and ourselves. Later also for others, after they asked me to do so. I noticed that I especially enjoyed working with starting entrepreneurs. They are still full of ideas, creativity and energy.

Are you a starting entrepreneur and looking for a reliable partner who can create your website? Feel free to contact us.

And oh yes, in case you think that the fact that I live in Sweden is a problem? In the world of the internet there are no physical boundaries. So this is no problem at all!