Private- Group- and relationship Retreats

In the south of Sweden

7-day private retreat

A magical inner journey in Swedish nature

Relationship retreat

Be in nature together and give your relationship a boost

Group retreat

Embark on an inner journey together with other women


The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. – C. Myss


A mystical inner journey, with nature as your guide

My retreats in Swedish nature bridge the gap between the physical and the energetic world and are a deep (guided) journey within yourself (or within your relationship).

You will deepen the connection with your soul, the Divine Source and nature and discover who you are in your essence.

During the journey we make use of coaching/activation/healing sessions, meditations, relaxation, nature sessions, practices and hikes to connect with your deeper layers and unique blueprint.

While you are aligned with your soul-essence, you will receive more clarity. You will get higher insights and healing, and will be activated on deeper layers.

All of this happens while you are staying deeply connected to your body and Swedish nature – which contains the primal grounding energy that makes this healing powerful.



Deeper contact with your own soul
Transforming old ballast creates more space for connecting with your own intuition, clarity and wisdom

Discovering yourself on deeper layers
Through creative sessions in nature, you will discover what other gifts, strengths and talents lie within you

The grounding force of nature
Nature helps you turn inward and connect firmly with your body so that you can experience true relaxation and clarity

In connection with the heartbeat of the earth, in the midst of nature, you can safely land in your body. From this state of relaxation and inner peace, you can make a powerful breakthrough on your personal themes. In the silence, close to yourself, you find the answers you were looking for.

I create a safe setting while I help you to shine light on your unconscious processes, so that you can let go of the things that are not supportive anymore. I will let you feel that you are your own healer. Strengthening and discovering your own intuitive abilities, gifts and energy are always at the centre of my retreats.
You're so welcome in the Anneberg Retreat Center!

In the middle of an idyllic forest you can relax and enjoy your time in nature. Immerse yourself in Swedish nature. Pick your own blueberries, breathe in the clean Scandinavian air and warm yourself by a crackling campfire in the evening.

Sweden has a lot of powerful vortexes. Look for a magical place in nature and connect with the energy there.


Three different journeys

7-day journey

A magical inner journey in Swedish nature

A deep journey full with healing, activations, coaching, meditations, practices and creativity create a breakthrough, while you can also enjoy and relax in your hammock in the forest (this journey goes a step deeper compared to the 5-day variant). + free access to my online activation.

€ 2250,-

Relationship retreat

Embark on a connecting and deepening journey together

A five-day trip to Sweden with the two of you. Combine nature, vacation and rest with focus on the relationship.
From head to heart - Back to your true essence

€ 1245 p.p ,-

Group retreat


Embark on an inner journey together with other women

In deze 6 daagse reis (5 nachten) ga je met max. 4 andere vrouwen een verbindende en magische reis maken in de Zweedse natuur, vol met healing, dans en vuur ceremonies.

€ 1150,-



Hello from Australia! If you are reading this review, wondering if Working with Demi is for you, then THIS is the sign you have been looking for. My 6 days with Demi, and the wonderful other participants was mind changing. I learned so much about myself and inner needs, I learned the power of working alongside other, like minded women and I learned that the life I want, as a woman, as ME, is not just possible, but necessary. I learned that self care, and self love, are not just words, but a way of life. Demis knowledge, warm, kindness and openness is visible from the moment you make contact with her. Did I mention the time available to wander in the beautiful Swedish Forrest, REAL time to rest and recharge, and delicious home cooked meals? Working with Demi is all of that and so much more. I am deeply grateful that I found this retreat and made myself a priority. It is a gift that I will never regret giving myself. Thank you Demi, from the bottom of my heart.

( Women retreat)

I went to the Anneberg Center for a 7-day private retreat with the expectation of finding something new, I actually found myself back. Nature all around will provide the resources for your journey, whether it be physical or spiritual. Regardless of the moment of your life and the answers you are looking for, be sure that Demi will be more than your host, she will be your perfect terrestrial guide. A spiritual retreat is a beautiful parenthesis in life, a suspended moment to recharge, reset, restart…a life changing experience and a love gift to ourselves.

( 7-day retreat )

What a great investment in, and gift for, yourself when you book the private retreat with Demi. The space, tranquility and nature did a lot with me. Just take a break from your busy life and relax and recharge in Sweden's nature. During the 5 days of the program of the retreat, Demi takes the time to guide you during certain sessions. Guided meditations, intuitive walks, in-depth conversations or a creative session. Demi senses very well what is needed at that moment, and knows what you need in regards to certain themes. What I especially like about this retreat, and find powerful about Demi, is that it's not just a week where Demi does all the work and you just 'receive'. Usually after such a week you have all kinds of intentions, but it is impossible to keep it up at home. That is different with this retreat. Demi shows you that you can do a lot of things yourself. You can work with energy yourself, provide healing & apply the things learned during the week very practically in your daily life. Demi really empowers you during this week. I've been home for a while, but I already feel great changes in my energy and I can practically apply my insights in my daily life.

( 7-day retreat )

This women’s retreat brought me more than I could ever imagine receive. Compassion, empathy, joy, and shared fierceness. It is so easy to talk about Life’s losses and violence when you feel safe, heard by your sisters and the higher power of the pure Swedish forest. If you’re wondering if Anneberg is the place for you: yes, it definitely is. Demi is the most gentle, brightest guide and you will never feel left alone with the burden you arrived with. Give yourself this gift, this chance, you won’t regret it, I promise.

( Women retreat )

A week in the forest in beautiful Sweden, a dream came true. My intention for this retreat was to find more peace and to connect with myself again. And I found it! The location of the retreat is so peaceful and the centre itself amplifies this. It feels very safe and secure. I took this journey with two beautiful women. From day one it just felt right. It felt safe and secure, eventhough we all have a completely different life back home. It was meant to be. Lots of support, laughs and tears were shared. And we could do our own thing. Demi was very intune with the group and process. Her energy brought this group and place together. She gave us exactly what we needed, even if it is was different then what we thought. She spoiled us with good food, amazing meditations and deep inner work. I found the peace in myself I was looking for. And I connected with myself on a deeper level. By embracing the ‘weirdness’ in myself and sharing this with the others. This retreat gave me so much more then I expected. Demi’s tips gave me the support I need to keep this going at home. Thank you Demi for this beautiful week and your support on this amazing journey 🧡

NICOLE TER HEIDE – Netherlands
( Women retreat )


Yggdrasil is the original 'Tree of Life' and unites the higher male and female aspects with each other. He has a link with the Golden Age and contains ancient wisdom.

Trees remind us of our deep connection with the natural world & nature energies, and help us anchor into our body. Firmly grounded you make the connection with the higher dimensions (branches). Connect with the knowledge of the trees and nature, which will be your loving guides during your stay.


The famous Swedish concept. Not too much and not too little. Being in balance. Functioning from your most natural state of Being. Conscious, honest and relaxed living. Slowing down..

Immerse yourself in the magic of your stay by artfully brewing a cup of herbal tea and savoring it atop one of the rugged rocks on the estate. Venture on a leisurely stroll through the enchanting forest, inviting your senses to dance with the living wonders all around. Capture your newfound inspirations in your journal, and as night falls, be captivated by the breathtakingly vibrant skies. With all this wonder at your fingertips, what more could you possibly desire?

Experience Sweden at its best

Ready for an adventure?

The retreats are given in the south of Sweden (25 minutes below Växjö). Do you want to immerse yourself in Swedish nature for a few days while you receive new insights? Contact me!

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