Private Retreat 'Your Soul's Journey'

In the south of Sweden

3-day private retreat

Meet your true self in Swedish nature


5-day private retreat

A magical inner journey in Swedish nature


Group retreat

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The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. – C. Myss


A mystical inner journey, with nature as your guide

My private retreats in Swedish nature bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual and are a deep (guided) journey within yourself.

You will deepen the connection with your soul, the Divine Source and nature and discover who you are in your essence.

During the journey we make use of activations/healing sessions, meditations, nature sessions, practices and hikes to connect with your deeper layers (multi-dimensionality) and unique blueprint.

While you are attuned to this state of Being, you will receive more clarity. You will get higher insights and healing, and will be activated in your deeper layers.

All of this happens while you are staying deeply connected to your body and Swedish nature – which contains the primal grounding energy that makes this healing powerful.

In connection with the heartbeat of the earth and the cosmos, you discover the ancient sound you have been looking for all along: the sound of your own soul. With the powerful foundation of nature that supports you, you call your soul back home. From this state of relaxation and inner peace, new insights are waiting for you..

I create a safe setting while I help you to shine light on your unconscious processes, so that you can let go of the things that are not supportive anymore. I will let you feel that you are your own healer. Strengthening and discovering your own higher abilities, gifts and energy are always at the centre of my retreats.
You are welcome!

In the middle of an idyllic forest you can relax and enjoy your time in nature. Immerse yourself in Swedish nature. Pick your own blueberries, breathe in the clean Scandinavian air and warm yourself by a crackling campfire in the evening.

Sweden has a lot of powerful vortexes. Look for a magical place in nature
and connect with the energy of that spot.


Three different journeys

3-day journey

A re-discovery of your true self

A 3-day journey within yourself, with nature as a loving mirror and guide. Healing, activations, coaching, meditations, practices and creativity create a breakthrough, while you can also enjoy and relax in your hammock with a nice cup of tea.

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€ 1400 ,-

5-day journey

A magical inner journey in Swedish nature

A 5-day journey full with healing, activations, coaching, meditations, practices and creativity create a breakthrough, while you can also enjoy and relax in your hammock in the forest (this journey goes a step deeper compared to the 3-day variant). + free access to my online course.

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€ 2110,-

Group retreat

Coming soon..

We are currently renovating an old carpentry factory on our site into an idyllic retreat center with several sleeping places. Follow my page, newsletter or social media for updates!

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Yggdrasil is the original 'Tree of Life' and unites the higher male and female aspects with each other. He has a link with the Golden Age and contains ancient wisdom.

Trees remind us of our deep connection with the natural world & nature energies, and help us anchor into our body. Firmly grounded you make the connection with the higher dimensions (branches). Connect with the knowledge of the trees and nature, which will be your loving guides during your stay.


The famous Swedish concept. Not too much and not too little. Being in balance. Functioning from your most natural state of Being. Conscious, honest and relaxed living. Slowing down..

Practice during your stay by consciously making a cup of herbal tea and drinking it on the rock behind your caravan. Then take a walk through the forest, while you stimulate your senses. Later on, you grab your notebook to write down your new insights. In the evening you look at the special colored sky at sunset, and you enjoy a campfire.. That's all you need, right?

Experience Sweden at its best

Are you ready for your inner journey?

The retreats are given in the south of Sweden (25 minutes below Växjö). Do you want to immerse yourself in Swedish nature for a few days while you receive new insights? Contact me!

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