About Demi

My story

AAs a child I was always in nature. I was completely in my element in the woods and full of creative ideas. I have always found the mystical very fascinating.

The older I got, the more I started living from my head. I started to adapt more to others and grew away from myself. Panic attacks and "inexplicable" fears often surfaced. In the end I started to focus on studying, because that was something to hold on to.

Ik koos psychologie en behaalde uiteindelijk de master ‘Reflecting on Psychology’, waarbij ik kritisch onderzoek heb gedaan naar de link tussen psychologie, wetenschap en media. De filosofische inslag van deze master vond ik heel leuk omdat ik hierbij wat meer buiten de kaders mocht denken. Toch voelde het nog niet voldaan, omdat ik zelf nog steeds kampte met onzekerheden, angsten en gevoelens van eenzaamheid. Psychologie bood voor mij niet genoeg diepgang. Ik wilde op zoek naar de kern van deze gevoelens, zodat ik uiteindelijk ook anderen hierin zou kunnen begeleiden…

.. This put me on the path of inner growth years ago – from a holistic perspective. I followed a training about energy work (healing) and intuitive coaching. I found this to be a very interesting journey where I learned more and more about myself. However, eventually I started to get stuck in this again. All those workshops, teachers, books, techniques, stories… I got stuck in a loop of 'more healing, even more learning/reading, seeking even more spiritual experiences (outside myself) and I was taking too much from others'.

After a while my eyes opened and I found out that not everything spiritually felt pure to me. Many elements actually pushed me further away from myself, which made me more anxious.

I found that no one but myself could give me the answers or security I was looking for. I had nowhere to hold on to anything and had to rediscover who I am and what my truth is. This forced me to go even deeper within and make real contact with my core. From here the answers started to come and I felt the security to heal old pieces (also from the family line)…

… Little by little the 'old' crumbled, and I came into contact with myself more and more. I now enjoy going in depth and discovering what is still unconscious. It is an intense, but also wonderful journey of discovery! After all, it is about the essence of who you are and what you come here to do. This basis is very important for me to be able to navigate from. It brings inner peace, confidence and inspiration. It's about coming home!

Because of my own insights and experiences, I now want to share this with others who recognize themselves in my story. It is my mission to empower and support others on this path of inner development. I work from my own source connection in a holistic and intuitive way. I use various healing techniques that have gradually come to me, always in collaboration with your soul and attuned to your blueprint.

Do you recognize yourself in my story or are you looking for more depth in your development? I'm here to walk besides you on your path. With the aim of letting you find everything in yourself again – the key to your own core, your essence, your golden you!

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