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here has always been a profound knowing in me that not everything is what it seems in this world and that there is more than we can perceive in the physical. Even at a young age there was already an interest in the spiritual world and I liked to discover this. At the time, there was little guidance for me in this area and I was already encouraged to work on my own guidance. This often left me feeling lonely and misunderstood, but ultimately led to a stronger foundation within myself.

After high school, I chose to study psychology. I soon learned that I didn't always agree with the theories I had to learn from the books. Moreover, I did not learn how to transform my own pain, fears and limiting beliefs in a profound way. Especially not because I experienced many traumas and fears in myself that had nothing to do with this life, but came from a deeper level (think of other lives, the family line, but also picking up collective pieces). After graduating, I decided to develop myself further on a holistic level. I knew I needed to do my inner work before I could actually guide others in a pure way.

The years that followed consisted of an intensive healing and reading training and the rediscovery of energetic work. The focus was mainly on my own inner transformation, whereby things that stood in the way of working from my soul were purified. I gained clarity about the intense fears, thought loops, feelings of powerlessness and the many chronic physical pains that I often experienced. My own clairsentience, clairvoyance and working with energy deepened and I started to get to know myself again on deeper layers..

In these years I also started my own practice (still in the Netherlands at the time), which resulted in a further development of my own processes and energetic work.

Again and again I was internally forced to choose my own path and to let go of other teachers, techniques and theories. My discernment developed more and I started to feel more clearly what felt pure and what didn't feel pure in the spiritual communities (read more about this in my free online community 'Guardians of the Earth'). As a result, I eventually developed my own way of working. I work from a (multi-dimensional) direct Source-connection and my own soul-essence. For me this is the most powerful, sustainable and pure way to do energy work. You can read more about this on the page about my 1-on-1 sessions (
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Because I encountered so much in myself during my own inner journey, this has ensured that I have developed a strong non-judgmental attitude and deep compassion for others. I know that everyone has their own processes and injuries and I love nothing more than to remind someone again of his or her potential and essence. The moments when a deep memory is awakened in someone and there is an anchoring of the soul essence, a new clarity and an open heart – that makes my heart really happy.

I would like to walk with you for a while so that you can embody your most radiant self (soul essence) again and let your light shine even more brightly in the world.

I have moved to Sweden to set up a small-scale retreat center here with my partner and parents. For those who live close to me, can follow sessions on location, and for those who can't come by, I do the sessions online. At the moment it is also possible to come and do a private retreat in Sweden (and soon also with groups)! You can contact me or follow me on social media to stay informed.

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New: online course!

This course helps you to remember who you are on a deeper level. It's a magical inner journey with meditations, videos and practical tools that guide you through your transformation process. At this moment the course is only available in Dutch. Let me know if there is any interest in the English variant!

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