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If you know about yourself that you live a lot from your head, then you are 'floating' too much. Your energetic body is not present at the bottom of your body. You are literally floating a bit above that (while your feet are just on the floor). But you do not fully inhabit your body. Your energy resides primarily in your head, and above.

How does this arise?

When we are born we are energetically completely open. We literally feel everything that belongs to our parents. Our parents have experienced pain in their lives, and walk around with repressed emotions. Or there are other factors that make them feel unwell. As a baby, and later as a child, you absorb all of this (especially if you're very sensitive!). This makes it very difficult for you to continue living firmly and safely in your own body. Because in that body you feel so much.

In addition, in this society we are usually not supported in our sensitivity, we do not learn to deal with it. It may also be that there is a lot of duality in your environment, which is also very unsafe for you. For example, we often close ourselves off from our feelings at a young age and go more and more 'upwards'. Even when we get older, we unconsciously react from this mechanism: we shut down our feelings, and we go to our head. Because it's safe there! Then you don't have to feel anything, you think.

But does this really give you the safety you are looking for?

I see this more as a kind of false safety. It keeps us away from all the things we don't want to feel, but it offers no real foundation in ourselves. After all, we don't really feel who we are, we don't stand firmly on the ground, and contact with our intuition has faded into the background. While our intuition knows and feels exactly where 'danger' is and how you should act in difficult situations. Our head always thinks it knows this very well, but we start to notice that because of this we get stuck. Ultimately, this floating causes problems. You get stuck. You feel that something is not right. You don't know who you are anymore.

How can we ground?

Some of us have probably heard tips like: wearing red underwear, or going barefoot. Sure, these tips can help, but if we've gotten very far from our grounding, it takes a little more. Just imagine that you sink your soul layer by layer deeper into your body. What do you come across there? All that is suppressed and is buried under layers. Fears and blockages that you would rather not face again.

Your mental saboteurs will then start telling you that you don't have to go there at all. They tell you that it is better to just keep thinking. Yet these blockages still want to be released. And they won't let go if you keep thinking from your head. Then you get stuck in the thinking circle. Grounding deeper means that we can face these old blockages. As you go through it, you will feel freer and lighter afterwards.

Intentions are also very powerful. Set the intention that you want to inhabit your body more deeply and that you want to let go of all the old ballast. For example, you can meditate and imagine that you are making contact with the bottom of your body, firmly on the earth. Feel if your stomach or other body parts are experiencing pain or emotions. Don't fight it. Just feel them. Accept them. If you can allow them all the way, they can transform. Be kind to yourself!

In addition, the more authentic you dare to show yourself in the world, the deeper you will experience your essence. Every time you make room for your energy, your creativity and dare to express yourself, you grow closer to yourself. In other words, you get more into your own body.

Furthermore, during the day you can try to be aware again and again when you live too much from your head. Plan short reflection moments. Can you still feel your body? Or are you completely sucked into all kinds of stories in your head?

Make sure that contact with your body is restored. Then you grow from separation, back to a collaboration with your body.


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