The new energy is already here

Category: Lichter levenBy Published On: 12 August 20225 min read

The transformed earth

In this blog I want to talk about 'the transformed earth' and the 'wait mode' that many people are in right now. On the one hand, I'm noticing that there is a category of people who have the idea that 'the new' has not yet arrived, and are waiting for the big moment. On the other hand, there is a category of people who delve deeply into 'doom and gloom' stories and anxiously prepare for 'what is to come'.

Energetic acceleration

The first category of people, who really feel that something is about to happen (in a positive sense), can stare blindly at this and forget to experience and feel what is already there at the moment. It is really very big (energetically speaking) what has already happened in recent years.

For the first time in a very long time, the gates to the higher dimensions are open again, as it were. For the first time in a very long time, the higher multi-dimensional energies are once again available to us here on Earth. For the first time in a very long time we can experience the real coming home (our source connection).

Visibility of the new energy

Last weeks I got to see how the new energy is already ready, and is therefore already present here. The only difference from the near future is that it is not yet fully 'activated' in the physical. It is not always visible in our physical environment with our 2 human eyes. While it is already visible with our 'inner eye'.

That is the moment that many people have been waiting for. The activation of this new energy. The birth of the new era. Yet it is so important that we open ourselves to this NOW. That is exactly what helps anchor and activate this new energy. Everything is already ready! It is now the intention that we create this reality together. Not by waiting, but by making contact with it now.

Doom & gloom

And finally the category of people who are busy with 'doom and gloom'. I still see a category that spends much of the day figuring out what dark agendas and plans are out there and preparing themselves for it. I totally understand that, but…

An insight that I have recently received very clearly is that there is (by purpose) a lot of confusion and fear being sown in the 'truth communities'. Yes, there are dark agendas and there are forces that don't want us to go through this growth now. And it's good to be aware of that so you don't give away your power or make choices that aren't right for you.

Most people also have to go through such a period, to become aware of this and to process these emotions. But what I see happen next is that people get stuck in this and make it an obsession. And that's exactly the goal: divide and conquer; creating chaos.

Because how can you distract people from their goal? By spreading different bits of misinformation in different groups and making people argue with each other about what is the truth or what the next agenda items are. And by keeping us in a state of fear of course.

This happens in groups where people spread the 'truth' as ​​well as in spiritual groups and 'channeled' information. I also see that there is a category of people who believe that we will soon be 'saved' by spaceships and taken to another 'better' earth.

Creation of new reality

All this invalidates us and puts us in a waiting state. I believe and feel that we remain here on this beautiful earth. And the forces that want to oppose this, they leave (or a part has already left). This is happening NOW.

It is good to realize that these forces have long since lost the power they once had. This is because of the shift that has now taken place on Earth. Everything and everyone who has plans that are harmful to someone else will get a backlash themselves. This is because everything now serves the highest timeline. And that is a timeline in which everyone is free and the earth is restored to its original state. Sparkling, pure, and a safe place where everyone flourishes and remembers who they are in essence.

When we all realize that all of this is available to us NOW, then we shift this reality. No more delays, no distractions, no fear of the future. When we make contact with our heart, we feel that deeper trust. No one else can give you this. No external source, channeler, book or guru can tell you what the truth is. Connect with your heart and feel what is right for you. Then you start to trust the bigger plan that is now unfolding on earth and how you are a beautiful part of it!

Connect with your heart and feel what is right for you. Then you will trust the greater plan that is now unfolding on earth and how you are a beautiful part of it!

Online community

Ps. In my free online community 'Guardians of the Earth' (click on this button) I give more practical tips that can help you to experience ánd activate this new energy in your daily life. Besides that, you can read more about these kinds of topics.

Online course - dealing with fear

This was once the intention for my online course. It makes me so happy to see how people in my practice started to believe in themselves again and were able to experience a piece of 'home' in themselves again. So many sweet and conscious people came to me who often needed one last push.

I also noticed that they often still struggled with things, such as fears, beliefs or certain patterns, that they couldn't quite figure out. Because they wanted to solve that in their heads (and yes, I also recognize this in myself), they kept walking in circles and that real transformation/breakthrough did not occur.

My dream was to create a course that can help others deal with all these themes in their daily life. How can you make that inner journey and meet yourself again on deeper levels (or meet your Higher Self)? How do you get in touch with your potential and how can you free yourself from everything that still stands in the way of this potential? How do you deal with this in the midst of your daily life, relationships and work?

At this moment this course is only available in Dutch language. Let me know if there is any interest in the English version. DEZE LINK.