The highest timeline for the earth & the big shift

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While the external chaos 'seems' to increase, something very different is going on behind the scenes.

Especially at night I get a lot of insights about the major energetic shifts that are now taking place and what great progress we are making.

The cleaning that is now taking place is gigantic. Everything that no longer serves the organic, natural and loving, falls apart because the frequency is too high for this energy to continue to exist.

We see this happening in the external world; everything wavers and collapses that is no longer pure. But we also go through the last and deepest major cleaning within ourselves. We close old karmic cycles and get the chance to leave our old heavy coat behind once and for all.

We now have the chance to be born again. Clean from the past. At the same time, it transforms the past, present and future.

Old template is deleted 

This week I woke up to the message 'the old template has now been deleted'. At the same time, I also felt a kind of 'in-between energy'. The new energy is already there, the crystal grid is ready, yet it is not yet fully visible in the collective and the physical. In this intermediate phase, all the last old pieces are cleaned up, and we are busy building towards the new.

It is important to examine where your focus is now. Is it with all the 'problems' in the world and fearful thoughts about it? Or are you a solid pillar holding the highest timeline for Earth? As soon as enough people hold this highest timeline, we will project this new reality into the world together. This is already established, but we can speed up the process together. So try to disconnect a little more from news, technology or social media, where they can continuously distract you or draw you into illusions. Also in the spiritual communities a lot of misinformation or fear is spread, which is not always correct. We are now massively forced to turn inwards and feel our own truth.

Ofcourse it is important to be aware of darkness, so you won't make choices that are not right for you and others. But don't let it weigh you down. Let it make you stronger and claim your sovereignity. You have to go inside and find your own answers. All these storylines and predictions create confusion.

Rebirth of the earth 

The earth itself is also beginning to be born again. As if she is 'awake' again after a long time. You can feel this when you are in nature and you connect with the animals, plants, trees, elements and nature beings. In addition, our own higher abilities are coming back online, so that you will experience that you are deeply connected to nature and can communicate with it.

Lately I hear the sentence 'Restoring the ancient lands' and intuitively I'm drawn to certain places in nature. Maybe you also have the feeling to go to certain places, or to be more in nature. During this time, follow these impulses. Your intuition knows exactly what you came here to do. Often just because of your presence in certain places, purifications or activations take place. Because you carry the unique codings to do this energetically. Whether unconsciously or consciously.

Sometimes we can already feel the new energy, other times we are confronted with old, heavy fields. Always remember that the moment something old is purified in you, you may feel fear, grief, sadness or heaviness at the same time. It takes time for these energies to leave you body and it is important to surrender to this.

Yet at times when you are confronted with an old energy, an old pattern or fearful thoughts, you can choose not to identify with it. So imagine you feel heaviness or sadness and all kinds of obsessive and anxious thoughts arise. What are you doing with this then? Do you choose to go all the way in these stories and see everything negatively? Do you give them that extra energy that keeps you feeding them?

What I do in these moments is that I recognize 'okay this is an old energy and it just wants to be recognized as it is being purified.' You give it space, you feel what there is to feel and you look at it without judgment and with love. At the same time, you still realize that in essence you are not this energy. They are lost parts of you that you may bring home. In that moment you become your own father and mother and you give yourself the love you need. You can also ask yourself what you need at these times. Maybe a walk in the woods, a warm shower or just relaxing with a book on the couch. Don't get attached to the idea that the feeling has to 'go away', but don't go too far into it either. Before you know it, the next day arrives and everything feels different again.

Stay like a solid rock for the next few weeks and months. In the eye of the storm. Be that 'Guardian' who knows that everything that happens has a higher purpose. The collective is now going through several initiations and is being prepared for the rebirth. You too are always guided. Let go of control. We too can now let go of everything we thought we 'know'. All our old ideas about ourselves, the world, spirituality, our identity… Not all of these can fit in the new energy.

Connect with the sun. Ask the sun to cleanse you of all that no longer serves your highest good. Connect with the element of water and ask to be rinsed clean. Connect with the wind, and let all the old blow away from you. Stand barefoot on the ground and ground into your body. Make a fire and burn anything impure or inorganic. Allow yourself to be born again. While you surrender to the fact that you don't have to know 'how or what'. Trust in a greater power that guides you and that you are always guided to the highest and best outcome. And hold this vision for the collective and the Earth.

When you start the day you can set the intention to be a channel and activator for the highest organic timeline for the Earth and its inhabitants, in which freedom and love are the pillars. We're doing it together and we've come this far! Relax and trust.

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