5 tips for strengthening your intuition

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Quest for truth

Many people are searching for a stronger connection to their intuition. Yet for many people, this search often begins by literally "searching" for information. You then quickly find yourself in a plethora of so-called teachers, various disparate theories and the many different spiritual practices.

Different information is coming at you from all sides and therefore it is not always easy to find your own inner truth. Not to mention the chaos in our own heads and the anxious inner voices.

Sometimes we are still too much in search of the "truth" and often seek it in the increased variety of spiritual offerings, which has now also become a rapidly growing commercial market.

There is an increasing demand and interest in spiritual offerings, but with that also an increase in information, institutes, teachers and techniques. On the one hand this is of course a positive development, but on the other hand it does not make it any easier to develop a grounded sense of your own truth. Especially not if you keep looking for the information outside yourself, instead of making contact with your own intuition, the silent inner knowing.

Embracing simplicity

We can ask ourselves: do we strengthen our contact with our own intuition if we continue to follow all kinds of spiritual currents or information? Or do we find it in the experience of life itself?

Perhaps we will find our own truth and the voice of our intuition if we dare to live, and also dare to embrace the simplicity of life. Then spirituality is more of a personal experience with a truth that may be different for everyone. Often we regain contact with our inner knowing when we are quiet. Without noise that surrounds us.

We find the answers in silence.

Tips for tuning in:

But how do you get rid of all the noise and get in touch with that intuition? I have listed some tips below.

Daily alignment and intentions

Working with intention is incredibly powerful. As soon as you start your day, take a few minutes to tune into your intuition. Breathe quietly in and out and close your eyes for a moment. Tune in to your body and connect with the earth.

Set the intention that you connect with your soul essence and intuition and that they may give you the inspiration, guidance and wisdom you need in that moment. If you like you can stay in meditation for a while longer, and otherwise open your eyes quietly.

Tip: you can also listen to my free alignment meditation which helps you ground and connect with your soul essence, please click HERE.

Nature as a mirror

Nature is a reflection of ourselves and we are deeply connected to it. When we are in nature and really quiet, we find our answers and insights that we need in very surprising ways. Find a place in nature and tune in (as explained in the previous tip).

Then ask a question you would like an answer to or an insight about. Open your eyes and sit quietly, or walk slowly. Notice all the small details around you and open yourself to synchronicities.

Perhaps a tree you notice has a special shape and this shape says something about yourself. Or a butterfly lands on your knee whose symbolism is trying to tell you something.

Or the wind suddenly comes up, which gives sudden clarity on a topic you are struggling with. Try to look through the curious and open eyes of a child. Let go of your expectations. If the answers don't come right away, they will come at a later time.

Intuitive writing

For me, this is the most important way of getting in touch with myself and my own wisdom. It is very simple: you tune in (you can use my free meditation for this) to your soul essence.

You set the intention that you want to receive information from your own soul essence (or intuition) and put it on paper through writing. Once you feel that you are calm and clear inside you put a question on paper and then begin to write quietly. It takes some training: but leave your thoughts out of it!

Feel what wants to come spontaneously onto paper. You may also want to draw or make other symbols. If it is difficult to start then you can just start with a sentence such as 'Dear ..., I am writing these words to myself to get clarity on....,’.

Sometimes it takes some time before you really feel intuitive answers on paper, but don't give up. It is an incredibly strong way to be in touch with yourself.

The water element

How often do you hear about someone having a sudden inspiration in the shower? I hear it a lot. The element of water is connected to emotion, feeling and creativity. When we connect with it, it is as if all the noise is cleared and we gain clarity.

When you experience chaos in your head, or as soon as you are out of touch with yourself, it is very nice to take a shower or bath. Afterwards, it always feels lighter and calmer in your head.

Or if you live near a lake or a water stream, it is also very nice to take a walk or a swim here. Or just put your hands or feet into the water.

Clearing inner ballast

If we still have old traumas stored in our system (these can include traumas from the family line), we are often not well connected to our physical body. This is because the traumas are stored there and therefore we often flee into our heads.

Then our energetic body floats a little above our physical body, so to speak. Only when our energetic body is well connected to our physical body (this is what I call "grounding"), only then do we feel a much stronger contact with our intuition and can we more easily discern what is intuition and what is not. By doing inner work and transforming old ballast, we sink a little deeper into our bodies again.

Can you use some guidance in this process? Please feel free to send me a message.

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