Healing – coaching & activations

Holistic psychology

This is for the Truth-seekers & Intuitives..

You can come to me for guidance in the field of inner growth, high sensitivity (HSP) or other themes you want to work on (see below). I also help with deepening your inner processes, the further development of your intuitive abilities and potential & a deeper embodiment of your Soul Essence.

I also offer guidance to entrepreneurs (to-be), and to those who would like to have a more conscious contribution for this time on earth.

"Everything you've been looking for in the outside world, was already present in you all this time. You are the key to your happiness. I help you to move forward by letting you remember this, so that from there you can let your own heart be your guide."

Can you answer the following points with "yes"?

I'm happy to help!

I want to address the root causes of my problems

I'm looking for an intuitive, holistic approach

I'm looking for energetic therapy with a practical and 'earthly' touch

Discover your inner gold

Everyone carries a piece of gold within themselves. Everyone has their own uniqueness and potential. Including you! You can choose to bring this to the surface and embark on the inner adventure. Freeing yourself from anything that still blocks you from fully living. Using your sensitivity as a strength rather than letting it limit you. Healing underlying (latent) traumas so that you no longer have to carry karmic burdens. Discovering who you are in essence and what your mission is. Perhaps there is a deep longing for a "home." For inner peace, love, and clarity. Somewhere deep down, you may feel how life is meant to be: unity, magic, connection, nature... And yet, you still struggle to embody it as you desire. You might be stuck in fear, chaos, emotions, a sense of loneliness, or not knowing anymore. It's time to re-remember and let your inner gold shine! I'm here to assist you further in your process.

Tailored to your needs and where you are now, the following themes can be addressed during our sessions: 

Reprogram your mind

  • Cleaning up mental programs

  • Transforming limiting beliefs

  • Dealing with self-sabotaging or obsessive thoughts

  • To start experience life more from your body instead of living from your mind

Remember the love you are & inner union

  • A deeper remembrance of who you are in essence, and your real Home

  • Letting go of insecurities, doubts and limiting identities

  • A stronger connection with your (diamond) heart

  • To experience love for yourself, others and the bigger whole in a more unconditional way

  • Integration (and re-balancing) of your male and female energies

Transforming fear, pain & suffering

  • Healing and letting go of fear, limiting beliefs and patterns, inner saboteurs, feeling of loneliness, emptiness, powerlessness, repetition loops, pain, confusion, shame, guilt, feeling of inferiority, restlessness or panic

  • Removing energetic debris, programs and limiting influences

  • Discovering the gold hidden beneath your challenges/struggles

  • A deeper contact with your body (grounding) which results in a feeling of inner safety and relaxation

Transform your daily life

  • Learning how to deal with your high sensitivity

  • Breaking through limiting patterns and triggers in your relationships

  • Discovering what other people/situaties mirror you

  • A deeper connection in your relationships

  • Learning to deal with practical/challenging situations/persons

  • Learning to stay connected to your own energy while being in contact with others

  • Making clear choices that come from your own intuition

Highest Self Embodiment & Purpose

  • A deeper anchoring of your soul in your body

  • A stronger connection with your higher soulparts (multi-dimensionality) and the Divine Source

  • Remembering your gifts, soul-truth, soul-mission and passion and embodying them more powerfully

  • Activate your spiritual discernment and be able to navigate more strongly between impure/pure information in this time

  • Gain insight into the next steps on your path

Inner child & ancestral healing

  • Inner child healing

  • Ancestral (DNA) healing

  • Trauma processing

  • Gaining clarity about recurring themes and transforming them

  • Connecting with your magical inner child and wisdom of your lineage

Create magic

  • Remembering/deepening how you can work with energy (healing), intuition, the elements, the earth, your higher soul parts (multi-dimensionality), and your other unique gifts

  • Using your gifts more consciously during this time

  • Experience the magic, creativity, playfulness and flow of life more deeply

  • Discovering new layers of your consciousness with a stronger sense of inner harmony and unity

Source-aligned Healing & Activation

My inner journey of healing and transformation has laid a foundation for my work (read more about my background HERE).During this journey I developed a strong discernment in the area of spirituality and I developed my own way of energetic work.

A sustainable and profound healing.
I always work from a direct Source-connection and my own Soul Essence. This is the only way for me to allow healing to occur in an organic and safe way and ensures that the impact is sustainable and profound. I always create a safe foundation (container) in which only that which is in accordance with the soul of the customer can happen.

Remembrance of one's own Essence
It is my strength to see the Essence of others and it is my passion to help someone remember who he/she is in Essence. So that someone learns to trust again its own inner wisdom. Everything that stands in the way of this connection with the Soul-Essence we will purify and transform together during the sessions.

Of course it also requires commitment and the willingness to keep training yourself/apply changes in your daily life. That is why I always combine energetic work with practical tools that you can use at home.

The sessions are very diverse and I take into account that they meet your needs. During our conversation, combined with an inner meditative journey that we take together, what you need at that moment always emerges. You will experience that your own Soul Essence ('highest self') is your greatest guide and how you can work with it. I combine the sessions with exercises and spontaneous energy work. While we are in the process, I use my intuition and I help you gain insights and clarity. This process is always a co-creation between the two of us and therefore requires that you actively participate. Ultimately, this is always the goal of my sessions: to activate your 'inner knowing'. So you will find your Soul Truth, strength and love within yourself.

During the sessions, new layers will awaken in you, which have a lasting effect on your life. The depth during the sessions always goes hand in hand with lightness, joy and a safe and judgment-free setting in which you can share everything with me.

You are welcome!

If you ever want to visit me, we offer retreat opportunities. You can find more information on the retreat page or send me a message.

Duration Price
60 minutes € 110,- (incl. vat)



I came to Demi because I was looking to reconnect with and trust my intuition. I noticed that traditional talk therapies were limited to cognitive processes, and I felt disconnected from my body. Although I used to have a strong belief in spirituality, I had become increasingly skeptical over the years. However, after the first session, I felt a significant change in myself and my connection with myself, which also impacted my connection with my environment. My contact with intuition is growing, and this development continues between and after sessions. Exploring unresolved trauma gives me insight, helps me process it, and also restores my connection with my intuition. Many pieces of the puzzle fall into place. I often use the word "magical" to describe what I experience during and through the sessions. Demi creates a sense of calm and trust, so I felt safe diving deep from the beginning to restore my connection with myself.


Demi made me find my way home. For years I walked around with a searching feeling that I was missing something.. but I couldn't place this. The sessions with Demi put the finger on the right spot: I missed myself. I've finally come home, but still have a way to go, but through Demi's experience and guidance, I know my path.

(On location)

I actually felt right at home with Demi, as soon as I visited her website because I recognized myself very much in her story. Demi has furnished a very pleasant space where she makes you feel at ease. I was looking for someone who could reconcile talk therapy and spirituality because I felt the answers to my questions (what is the purpose of all the pain I've been through so far, why doesn't it look like and what does my soul want in this life) to be stored in deeper layers of myself, which I could not get up with just talking.

I had already had a period of talk therapy for psychological complaints, but I did not get to the heart of the matter. In addition, I suspected that I was highly sensitive and I had questions about this. I've had 4 healings with Demi now and a whole new world has opened up for me. Just feeling the energy during the healing and the release of emotions as a result is already special, but the explanation that Demi gives afterwards and the conversation that arises about this is certainly that!

We go through a deeper layer almost every healing and I understand my sensitivity, the origin of my psychological and physical problems and my purpose in this life. With each layer, a certain sadness or a previously unknown fear comes up and if you manage to allow it and really accept it, you can almost literally feel the 'healing' in the period after!

(On location)

Demi is a warm personality and a great conversationalist. It feels very familiar to broach sensitive topics with Demi. During the sessions, frameworks are facilitated in which themes can be understood and transformed. She does this very lovingly and where possible with humor. Demi has helped me to come to certain insights that have certainly helped me. I can recommend her sessions to anyone who wants more insight into his or her own life. Big or small.

(On location)

A few months ago I found my wonderful coach in Demi, after a long search, deliberation with others, it immediately felt right. She gives me mindblowing insights time after time. One of those things where you keep running around in old patterns and vicious circles, while she pokes through them so you can move on. That is wonderful! In addition, I personally find the combination of energetic healing AND coaching perfect. With the coaching we discuss what keeps me busy, but with the healing I notice that we go just that step further where you can't come with talking. This has recently given me so much more new insights and my view on things (especially inner convictions) has changed so much. I am now much more comfortable with myself and my surroundings, and less perfectionist and strict. I also feel much more aware and calmer in my head. As Demi says, we peel off a peel every time to get deeper and deeper. Sometimes that feels just as intense, but that's exactly what you have to go through to get where you need to be. Great to work on myself in this way and to feel how fast I am progressing! Would you like to try receiving coaching in this way? Then Demi is definitely 'your woman'!

(On location)

Are you an entrepreneur or do you want to become one? I can also guide you on this path!

A large part of my clients discovered during the sessions that they also wanted to start their own business. Some of them started their own practice, which focused the sessions on further developing their work with energy and their gifts.

In case you are already an entrepreneur, or if you want to explore becoming one, I can help you deepen your work and mission, gain clarity on next steps, remove obstacles, and bring your energy more powerfully into the world.

It's also possible to do this in combination with developing a (new) website. My partner has the gift of creating someone's unique energy into a website design.


How many sessions do I need?

In recent years it has become apparent that my clients have already made major breakthroughs with an average of 3 sessions. This was especially true for people who needed certain insights to make a certain breakthrough or who wanted to let go of an old pattern. Yet these people often kept coming back because they liked to continue deepening their process. In case someone had to deal with strong fears, little grounding in the body or wanted to work on trauma processing, we took a little more time because with these people a deeper grounding and safety in the body was needed first. On the other hand, I have also guided many people who discovered during the sessions that they wanted to start a business and I guided many of them in this process, but also in deepening their own healing work and gifts. In that sense, my target group is quite diverse and it really depends per person what the need is and how deep this person wants to go in the process.

Are the sessions suitable for me?

I work with a diverse target group. One really wants to work with pain points or struggles, the other has already done a lot of inner work and is ready for the next step, and another has an enterprise and wants to develop their own gifts more strongly. Yet they all agree that they are souls who feel deep inside that they are here for the new Golden Age. They have often struggled with their sensitivity (or hidden it altogether), often struggled with everyday earthly life, often had a different view of the world than their peers and often struggle with insecurities, fears and are not well anchored (grounded ) in their bodies, causing them to miss (or have missed) the true connection to their soul, gifts and clarity. This lack ensures that they have often been searching in life. While they were looking in the outside world, they didn't realize they were looking for themselves (and the contact with Source, or Home). If you resonate with my texts, then we are a match! Of course you can contact me first to investigate this further.