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Your True Colors

1:1 Your Soul’s Journey

Do you feel the inner desire to go into the depths, to embark on the journey of discovery IN yourself? To get back in touch with your soul, your essence and to experience your life from (self) love, strength and trust?


Guardians of the earth (community)

Join as a guardian of the earth in my free community. Here i share with you the insights I received about the individual and collective awakening and the energetic processes that come with it. You are welcome!


Retreats in Sweden

Do you want to experience the peace and silence in the Swedish forests? This year I will start with giving retreats.

At this moment I'm working at creating a nice place for you to stay. Follow me on social media so I can keep you updated.


This is for the empaths, the truth seekers & the intuitives

Are you longing for this real feeling of 'coming home' in yourself?
Have you been looking outside yourself for far too long and want to get back to the essence?

Do you feel it's time to take off your old coat and remember who you are?

Maybe you're already in the middle of a transformation process, or you feel like you're stuck in something. It may be that fears, traumas or limiting beliefs have a lot of influence on you.

You want to get started with healing all the old pieces in yourself and / or your family line. Maybe you're not sure 'how', or you feel that you're ready for the next in-depth step...

You don't have to do it all by yourself! I'd like to walk with you for some time and help you remember that the key to transformation lies within yourself.

You may experience again that your sensitivity, depth and creativity are your sources of power. And that you can live your unique blueprint!

More about Demi

I will not rescue you.
For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you.

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you.

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness.

As you remember your light.

~ S. B. Tilsley

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” – J.R. Rim

Through my own inner journey I have learned that inner growth has nothing to do with titles, nice words or hypes. It's about authenticity and purity. It's about the courage to face all the painful parts in yourself and to transform them.

It is not about fleeing from the earth, but about integrating all parts of yourself here on earth, in your body. It is a unique path, of which you carry the roadmap. It requires surrender and trust. But it is the most beautiful gift you can give to yourself. Because after every layer you go through - even if it sometimes feels scary - you discover a piece of gold in yourself!

Ontdek 1:1 Your Soul’s Journey


Navigating the awakening

In this podcast, we are talking about this period of personal and collective awakening and how to navigate this. At this moment this podcast is only available in Dutch language!

Go to podcast!

What clients say:

Demi made me find my way home. For years I walked around with a searching feeling that I was missing something.. but I couldn't place this. The sessions with Demi put the finger on the right spot: I missed myself. I've finally come home, but still have a way to go, but through Demi's experience and guidance, I know my path.

I actually felt right at home with Demi, as soon as I visited her website because I recognized myself very much in her story. Demi has furnished a very pleasant space where she makes you feel at ease. I was looking for someone who could reconcile talk therapy and spirituality because I felt the answers to my questions (what is the purpose of all the pain I've been through so far, why doesn't it look like and what does my soul want in this life) to be stored in deeper layers of myself, which I could not get up with just talking.

I had already had a period of talk therapy for psychological complaints, but I did not get to the heart of the matter. In addition, I suspected that I was highly sensitive and I had questions about this. I've had 4 healings with Demi now and a whole new world has opened up for me. Just feeling the energy during the healing and the release of emotions as a result is already special, but the explanation that Demi gives afterwards and the conversation that arises about this is certainly that!

We go through a deeper layer almost every healing and I understand my sensitivity, the origin of my psychological and physical problems and my purpose in this life. With each layer, a certain sadness or a previously unknown fear comes up and if you manage to allow it and really accept it, you can almost literally feel the 'healing' in the period after!

A few months ago I found my wonderful coach in Demi, after a long search, deliberation with others, it immediately felt right. She gives me mindblowing insights time after time. One of those things where you keep running around in old patterns and vicious circles, while she pokes through them so you can move on. That is wonderful! In addition, I personally find the combination of energetic healing AND coaching perfect. With the coaching we discuss what keeps me busy, but with the healing I notice that we go just that step further where you can't come with talking. This has recently given me so much more new insights and my view on things (especially inner convictions) has changed so much. I am now much more comfortable with myself and my surroundings, and less perfectionist and strict. I also feel much more aware and calmer in my head. As Demi says, we peel off a peel every time to get deeper and deeper. Sometimes that feels just as intense, but that's exactly what you have to go through to get where you need to be. Great to work on myself in this way and to feel how fast I am progressing! Would you like to try receiving coaching in this way? Then Demi is definitely 'your woman'!

Demi is a warm personality and a great conversationalist. It feels very familiar to broach sensitive topics with Demi. During the sessions, frameworks are facilitated in which themes can be understood and transformed. She does this very lovingly and where possible with humor. Demi has helped me to come to certain insights that have certainly helped me. I can recommend her sessions to anyone who wants more insight into his or her own life. Big or small.

Through Demi's healing and coaching I have come into contact with my feelings more and I understand better who I am. As a result, I now dare to stand up for myself and follow my own path. Beforehand I was a bit skeptical about the healing and how it would work. However, after a few sessions, I know it works and helps me. The things that come up during the healing help me understand how I am put together, so that the puzzle pieces start to fall into place and I can grow as a person. In addition, the coaching that Demi gives as part of a healing session helps me to apply the knowledge I gain. I feel at ease with her and can tell in confidence what I run into. She then asks the right questions that help me think about the situations and with the insights that arise from this I can then apply this in my life.

What I also really like is that Demi uses examples from her own life and past…

… This makes me feel understood and I have the feeling that other people struggle with the same things. Demi also made me realize that it's okay not to know and that small steps also lead to results. That I grow by working on it and don't have to understand it all right away, but I already grow by acknowledging and accepting my feelings. Before this I always had the feeling that I was not going fast enough or not doing well when I let loose the reins. Now I know it has ups and downs and it's ok. It is my journey and I am the one who gives substance to it and it does not have to resemble someone else's journey and development. Thanks to the sessions with Demi, I have gained confidence in myself and I know that I can grow and have a very beautiful life.