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Dear you,

Are you ready for an inner breakthrough?

Do you feel that you are stuck in a vicious cycle or that something is blocking you from experiencing freedom, inner peace and/or (self) confidence?

Are you ready to go a step deeper, to the core of your personal themes - so you can make an inner breakthrough that is sustainable? I would love to help you further in an (online) healing/coaching session or choose a transformational retreat in Sweden !

Become the director of your own life and discover the potential that awaits you




I will not rescue you.
For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you.

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you.

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness.

As you remember your light.

~ S. B. Tilsley

Holistic psychology & Healing

I combine my background as a psychologist with my own intuitive energetic way of working. It is always my approach to remind you of your own power, soul mission and essence. So that you come into balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We look at root causes of fears, patterns and certain themes and transform old ballast, pain and beliefs that prevent you from living life to the fullest. We go from head to heart and I let you experience that your own intuition, wisdom and love are the key to your growth.

Free yourself from fear and experience life from freedom & intuition

Do you experience deep fears, recurring patterns or beliefs that prevent you from living your life to the fullest?

In this course you will learn how to transform all the old ballast you encounter within yourself and how to live your life from inner peace, confidence and inspiration in a powerful connection with your own intuition.

This course is at the moment only available in Dutch language. If you want guidance on your inner journey, you can book 1-on-1 sessions in English language with me!

What clients say:



An activation-meditation brings you closer to yourself and activates you on deeper layers. You experience more strongly who you are in Essence and you will feel at home WITHIN yourself.


Join as a guardian of the earth in my free community. Here I share with you the insights I receive about the individual and collective awakening and the energetic processes we experience on this path. You are welcome!!

Navigating the awakening

In this podcast, we are talking about this period of personal and collective awakening and how to navigate this. At this moment this podcast is only available in Dutch language!